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Work Wise For More Time, More Joy, and More Ease

With entrepreneur coaching you will learn how to achieve steady profits & sturdy happiness, even in the face of adversity.

Learn how to achieve steady profits and sturdy happiness even in the face of adversity

Tyler Lewke entrepreneur coaching

You’ve probably known an entrepreneur or two who can’t find the balance needed to breakout to that next level.

You’ve also likely known someone who is doing amazing with their business, i.e. strategic growth, sustainable hiring, innovation, profitability, etc, but despite success they still aren’t happy.

Maybe that person and that business, is you!

So what’s the difference? How does it happen that some entrepreneurs flourish where other’s are unable to create sustainable joy or efficiency? And how can entrepreneur coaching help?

Work Wise, Not Hard

Along our business journey we all experience heartache, and ups and downs, and ______. Every single one of us knows what it feels like to put in effort and courage to try to persist. We absorb every recommended book and inspiring podcasts in search of the perfect answer. We tell ourselves, “Today is the day! Our growth is now.”

Then you feel it, a smack in the face by the real world.

Just when you felt like that new hire was the perfect fit.

Just when you thought those new systems and models would promote sustainability.

Just when you thought you were finally ready for next level business growth.

Just when you felt like that new business plan only needed the final touches.

With each failed attempt comes limited beliefs, burdening our happiness receptors, stifling innovation and inhibiting new growth.

Now, what if I told you that all of those roadblocks and obstacles could lead to a meaningful and profitable business filled with joy? Would you understand the value of entrepreneur coaching?

A Radical heart & mind Shift

The balance you need for next level success lies between a radically shifted heart and mind. That’s what it takes to charge our happiness receptors and disrupt the status quo.

You heard it clearly, your success is literally tucked away in a tiny little space that is difficult to view especially without bias. However, through thoughtful instigation and mindful illumination, you can gain more time, more joy, and more ease.

More simply stated, leading with an open-heart, practicing consistent compassion, and having crystal clear stated ideals is how we utilize entrepreneur coaching to move you from where you are today to a place of unimaginable, untapped success.

Work Wise by Opening your heart and your business to new growth.

Entrepreneur Coaching with Tyler Lewke

Find More Time, More Joy, and More Ease

  • Business therapy teaches us to work wisely instead of working ourselves to the bone. Business therapy requires us to dig deeper than traditional forms of entrepreneur coaching.

  • Through each weekly entrepreneur coaching session you’ll start to replace bad habits with good ones; and replace limited thought patterns with bold and generous ones, etc.

  • Stay accountable to doing the things the work wise way, i.e. remaining flexible, practicing honesty, and taking responsibility to tough questions.

Truth in Motion

Part of my mission in life is to create broadly available, provoking content. For me, this includes writing – books, blogs, essays, speeches, etc;.


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