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When we speak f*cking truth, everything gets better

Learn how honesty and success intertwine

Learn how speaking truth and success go hand-in-hand.

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Empty, Empty. Happy, Happy.

The small things we do and say and don’t do and say are direct indicators of our profitability, success, and happiness. opportunities for employees


ou’ve likely experienced a dishonest entrepreneur in your lifetime. You know, that person that operates on their own timetable without regard to everyone else’s calendar.

They highjack meetings.

They sloppily follow through with plans.

They talk in broad generalizations with disregard to reality.

Now, this isn’t you or at least let’s hope not. But how one gets here is quite a slippery slope.

Why Honesty Matters

Pro Tip: How you never end up as “that” person is through practicing honesty, in big ways, small ways, and always.

The small things we do and say and don’t do and say are direct indicators of our profitability, success, and happiness.

The most common examples of not being honest include skipping tasks and systems that we ourselves set into motion, like:

– Not sticking to our annual budget

– Not observing our own personal schedule/calendar

– Not providing meaningful opportunities for employees

– Not following our preset hiring guidelines

We wonder why we aren’t happy, we can’t retain employees, we’ve missed our metrics.

Then it happens, we read the latest headline that confirms what we already knew…

“It’s our marketing.”

“It’s the economy.”

“It’s the lack of systems.”

“It’s that new hire.”

Taking aim at any and everything that isn’t us.

Tell Truth

Telling the truth is icky, i.e. not meeting a client’s expectations, not putting in the work to achieve our goals, having to fire an employee. And doing it well requires equal parts compassion and perspective.

Imagine being fired. You’d prefer to at least have your boss approach you with compassion and a little perspective, right?

Through meditation, discernment, and accountability we can indeed see ourselves for who we are…

…not who we think we are

…not what we think people want us to be.

and the world around us with greater clarity! This includes our systems, our habits, our practices, our language, our calendar, our time, our hires, our wants, etc.

Now that our heart and mind is open, we can begin to work wise and love people, radiating happiness as a mission.

Move forward, from honesty to action to profits to sustainability to deeper love and greater understanding!

Business Therapy with Tyler Lewke

let’s get to work answering these questions, honestly. Ready?

1. What do you want?
2. When do you want it?
3. How will you get it?
4. How will you track along the way?
5. What will you do when you get there?

Truth in Motion

Part of my mission in life is to create broadly available, provoking content. For me, this includes writing – books, blogs, essays, speeches, etc;.

Ready to Tell Truth?


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