What Happiness Looks Like

It’s Monday, an average Monday, not a holiday week Monday, not a hyper focused or crazy adventure Monday.. just a regular good old fashioned Monday.

I’m hopeful my day will not be sexy or have any story telling elements to it. My dogs slept in my bed because it’s f’ing cold and I had to climb over them to get out of bed. The rings of my coffee cup look like they always do and I realized how thankful I am for that and how much I DO NOT want to be inspired today, how much I want things to just have a sing-song ease and intimate familiarity to them…. The best part of today will be that nothing extraordinary happens, my coffee will be normal, my drive normal, workout normal, my desk and office will be like it usually is, my hours will be similar to many others, my people will be where they belong and I will just simply and joyfully chop wood and carry water and do the next thing and then the next in a semi-automatic state because I’ve done it all so many times before.

On the tail end of spontaneous adventure and crazy newness and healthy downtime, I love a solid, healthy routine. What I realize is, when you can embrace and long for and be in love your day to day routine, that’s a good measurement you’ve done something really right. Here’s to a run of the mill totally average Monday, thankful I made it back…#whathappinesslookslike