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We all have only one real job, to add more love to the world.

Radiate happiness as a mission

Radiate happiness as a mission

Tyler Lewke business coach

Life can quickly become spreadsheets, meetings at 6pm, holiday parties on weekends, and dinner with clients.

Beep! Beep! There’s the alarm! It’s 5:00am, time to do it all again!

Burnout is looming.

Recycling thoughts, “we need more deals, more leads, more marketing, more employees, more clients, more processes, more, more, more”

…acting out of scarcity instead of leading with love is why…

– good employees leave

– a company feels void of positive connection

– an entrepreneur will never be fulfilled in their work

If you desire to be a transformational business and a transformational leader, it starts with loving people.

Are you ready?

love people

Love Is The Core

Business and mainstream consciousness are here to stay. Love is at the center of it all.

It takes working from the inside out, leading with love, to connect these pathways. It’s actually when love is immersed into our lives that we ultimately find harmony and balance.

Love at work

Our businesses also profits from love:

– good employees stay

– a company enjoys and feels a positive connection

– an entrepreneur has a sense of pride and fulfillment in their work

As you can see, love can have a powerful positive impact. It’s amazing what happens when love is the priority, even over money, especially over money. Because when we lead with love over money we are thinking with the power of “we”.

From “I” to “We”

Making the conscious shift from “I” to “We” doesn’t come without work but with meditation, learned discernment, and an open and clear heart the time will come for a natural awakening.

This newfound mindset has the power to inspire, motivate, and even transform. That’s because it comes with feelings of happiness!

Now, let’s get back to where we started, loving people.

Love People

When you can experience the power that love can have in decision making, ways of communication, and patterns of thought you won’t want to go back!

It makes you happy. It’s how we closer to radiating happiness as a mission.

It makes you more generous. It’s how we develop a mindset of abundance.

Love carries the power to enact change for good. It’s proof that good, works.

Business Therapy with Tyler Lewke

Let’s reclaim profit as a tool to do good!

  • Learn how to lead with compassion, and a lighthearted and abundant view of money.

  • Each weekly session will give you the power to pause, reflect, and live in the present moment, essential skills to being a transformational entrepreneur.
  • Learn how to radiate happiness as a mission – a radical approach to immersing love into our lives.

Truth in Motion

Part of my mission in life is to create broadly available, provoking content. For me, this includes writing – books, blogs, essays, speeches, etc;.

Ready to Love People?


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