Wake up early. They say nobody who’s ever changed the world slept in.
Hurry, you don’t want to miss the misty air.
Yes, it’s incredible isn’t it?
Stop for coffee first, you have time. Internet access is so-so. Check out the giant tree right in the middle of the shop!
Halfway down the mountain, you’ll see the entrance on the left hand side.
Remember to look up. (and up and up and up)
These aren’t even the biggest ones…..
The silence in the Redwoods is the loudest thing you’ll ever hear, listen for it.
Don’t slip on the needles.
Breath– it’s the best air in the world.
Sometimes, if you’re open enough, your thoughts can get crushed. What a relief.

I’m not sure where the name comes from; they are kinda red I guess.
When they fall, don’t be anywhere near. they almost never fall.
2000+ years old, like noble giants witnessing our story, generation after generation.
Can you smell the past?
Even in the rain, you remain dry. When it’s dry, you feel kinda wet.
Walk softly— have some reverence.
Up around the bend, you’ll find my favorite.
She’s been here a long time— I’ve brought my troubles here most of my life. Right at this spot. Everyday.. even though I live a thousand miles away. You’re welcome to come too — shut your eye’s. Let go.