Life is a question.  How we live is the answer | a living document

Life is a question.

Why did no one tell me that rock bottom has a sub-basement? Does my Harry Winston-designed wedding ring make me materialistic? What’s truth? So, where’s the money? How many cups of coffee does it take to power the global economy, and is it all so necessary? Did he actually call her Pocahontas inside the Oval Office? Why can’t I be pro-life and pro-choice? Why do I apologize for my body? We say black lives matter, but can you prove it to me in your actions? What is the purpose of dreams? How well do books actually burn? Why do you work so hard? Who’s life are we living? How is war still an option? Why is there something rather than nothing? Are you beautiful? If he were still living with AIDS, would we have enough wall space for all his art? Are morals ever absolute? There’s a Mahatma Gandhi limited edition ball-point pens by Mont Blanc “honoring”  his work and legacy to end poverty and become self-sufficient “from the bottom up” and it costs $1700 bucks? What do you seek to control? What am I doing that I know I shouldn’t ( or don’t want to ) be doing? Why do churches still say “all welcome” despite the irrefutable evidence? Is there any place left in America where someone isn’t loading a gun? Can you replace the melted stop lights after the 130-degree heat in Palm Springs last summer? Is the fast food industry legally liable for obesity? With three hundred and thirty-two million people, how is it that nearly everyone who offers you their unrequested opinion on your health knows the country’s leading surgeon? What happens to our inner city poor when Walmart leaves? How are you seeking to bring meaning to your life? Did you know the Holocaust Museum in DC doesn’t offer one tangible thing we can actually do to help? When is enough enough? Hold up a minute– – who’s running for President? Who’s algorithm am I living in? Do I love the color orange, or did I get validated for loving it? Yes, yes, I know, but will we actually vote? Did you know some people believe the CIA has killed all the birds and replaced them with drones? Why has the percentage of people living in extreme poverty decreased so significantly, but so many of us are so hungry? Do we actually feel better when we name bridges and highways and byways in honor of our Military even though one dies of suicide every 1.2 hours? Why aren’t we, the collective, listed as a cause of death on Veteran death certificates? What am I not doing that I know I should be ( or want to be ) doing? How can we still stand in line for the new Adidas / Gucci collab at the exact same time as war and conflict tear apart the lives of innocent civilians around the world? Remember when small batch meant someone you knew made it? How have you participated in the 20 Veteran Suicides a day for the last 50 years? Does it make you feel better that McDonald’s gave out 10,000 free meals in Israel today? What is an area of your life that you are really happy/satisfied/proud of? How is it possible that one man ruined the color Gold? What am I not doing that I know I should be ( or want to be ) doing?

How we live is our answer.