Take Time Out, For Time In

Hackmatack Retreat is a non-denominational, LGBTIQ inclusive, radically beautiful physical space where you can step out of the world and take time out for time in — no matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe.

A Welcome Retreat

The world is noisy and full of chaos. So is the phone in your pocket.

People visit Hackmatack Retreat from all over world to take time for themselves, to heal, to be, and to become.

We are constantly bombarded with external messages trying to tell us how to think, feel and behave. Hackmatack Retreat seeks to offer “time out for time in” amidst this noisy world.

Hackmatack – an accessible space that becomes the physical container for deep wisdom teachings and heart-centered, transformative work.

Our lovely and casual space is designed to support authentic sharing, heartfelt storytelling, and physical & spiritual healing. To surrender to the mystery of unfolding experience, we must get rid of every stupid rule in our way & shove aside the whole idea of “right and wrong” so love can finally lead us home.

Kindness, community, and Buddhist thinking belongs in everything we do

At Hackmatack Retreat (and in every aspect of our lives) we embrace and incorporate the teachings of many wisdom teachers and believe that at the core a commitment to kindness and community service belong in everything we do.

We incorporate Buddhist thinking, teachings, and philosophy in nearly everything we do, but we don’t care much about what you call it or how it looks.

We remain open to all wisdom traditions—the deepen the benefits of transformation

We often incorporate mindfulness, walking, sitting, and guided meditation to support the healing / creative / life process. Transformation is wonderful, but can also be challenging and we support that process by any means possible including all kinds of faith traditions and healing modalities that nurture a gentler human experience. We believe the more open we remain to all wisdom traditions—the deeper the benefits of transformation. All beliefs welcome. For real.

Tyler Lewke business coach

Stay With Us.

Whether a weekend, week, or longer with us, the tranquil and therapeutic forest and water lookout and sacred land of Hackmatack Wildlife Refuge seems to instantly calm the mind and open the heart. These immersive settings open doors to surrender yourself to the natural and restorative beauty of life.