Be good team mates

Be good Friends.

Be good neighbors.

Say how we feel, in front of each other.

Laugh and smile with kindness.

Acknowledge accomplishments, authentically.

Don’t worry about what other people think of you.

Whisper wisely, and understand its impact.

Assume goodness as baseline.

Be authentic in our delivery of information and be mindful of spin.

Have pride in who we are.

Represent the passion for this business rigorously.

Honor that this is what I love.

Invest in, instead of giving up your energy

Pursue personal, business and worldly growth at all costs, with everything you’ve got.

Always, always sweep your side of the street.

Travel to every corner of the world to improve who you are.

Rest when you’re tired, then get back up and keep moving.

Be in the best of health.

Do whatever it takes to ignite continued passion.

Continue to perfect systems.

Be rigorously honest.

Be direct.

Secure your position in this industry.

Don’t ever give up.

Surround yourself with vibrant, alive, fun, successful people.

Show everyone how to be millionaires.

Find ways to honor and multiply everyone’s strengths and dreams

Don’t stay stuck.

Get over the past.

Deeply listen everyday.

Breathe deeply

Change your mind, be proud of it.

Honor your mood, good and bad

Allow words to express your emotions

Honor privacy

Make money and be proud of it.

Take time off.

Don’t justify your position all the time.

Love what you do.

Honor that you already are kind and sincere

Honor that you’re excellent at what you do

Honor that you love to give

Honor that you’re passionate

Honor that you love growth

Honor the mistakes, and look forward to future ones.

Some things are just life

Things will be better

Things will be worse

I love you, keep going.