How do I stop allowing the consumer screen culture to blind me from my heart?

From your heart?

How do I love more, help more, serve more, give more, read more, learn more, and acknowledge I have so much I don’t yet know ahead of me?

How do I connect with your heart and set aside ill-conceived, foolish, and harmful assumptions that have become a modern GPS in this culture?

Today, I pledge to keep my mind open, seek to understand, fight hard for what I know, and stop and admit when I don’t know. I will let others hate me, blame me, defame me, and send them loving-kindness anyway, knowing I’ve been them and likely will be again.

We’re all just such a great, big, beautiful mess. 

We could all be winners today if we stop. Slow down. Pay attention. Re-claim our innate ability to truly and fully love one another and be present, and as Ram Dass always invited us to do— walk each other home.

Today, I pledge to do all I can to help overturn our modern approach to living mindlessly and unite and re-integrate learning, discernment, and understanding so we can chart a course that honors our differences and connects us at our root.

How I’m going to do that is to ask and answer 4 questions to myself over and over again:

What am I doing that I know I shouldn’t be doing?

What am I not doing that I know I should be?

What molehill am I turning into a mountain?

What am I going to do about it?