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I love you, keep going

Happy People.
Closed Deals.

Hi, I’m Tyler Lewke, a conscious capitalist, 7th level real estate executive turned serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, teacher, business therapist, dad, brother, husband, runner, recovering addict, insanely priced pen aficionado, optimistic pessimist and monk level meditator who’s obsessed with making things, and you, work.

My singular goal in this one crazy, dysfunctional, upside down and inside out, what the fuck is actually happening life is to be the flagpole, not the flag and to help us all do the same.

Working wise, speak truth, and loving people is my life’s work. These three  acts of mindful awareness have been my jet fuel for a deeply good, surprising, hilarious, wildly joyful and shockingly profitable  life.

In these weird, wild and uncertain times of our  current lived experiences, people have a hunger  to know how to keep our businesses thriving and  relationships growing, while keeping our hearts  and minds open and centered.  

It’s all possible, all at once.  

Blending mainstream wall street mindset, street  addict tenacity, 25+ years of what the fuck do I do  now lived experience, ancient inter-faith wisdom  and the compounding effect of thousands of hours  in meditation, I show up to you ready to share my experience, insanely intuitive raw-gut-instinct and  tried and true methodology to the benefit of YOU  and your bottom line through business therapy.

Unearth Potential.
Do good. Create Sturdy Joy.

Learn how to follow your heart as your vision becomes a reality.

  • Reach your goals 
    Identify repeatable behaviors that lead to whatever you desire
  • Identify driving objectives Find your purpose
  • Get more things done Do your most important shit well
  • Build great habits Build character habitually
  • Focus on efficiency Focus on intentionality and awareness
  • Grow in knowledge Grow in wisdom
  • Cultivate control Cultivate relationships
  • Prove your worth Know your value
  • Find happiness Create sturdy joy

Entrepreneurial & Performance Coaching

It’s not coaching, it’s business therapy

Business therapy is an unorthodox approach to business coaching. It exposes the value in asking big questions that link our inner and outer worlds. It creates space for success, honesty, listening, loving others, and a mindset of abundance. It can help us find balance in our work / personal lives, and a genuine sense of belonging and happiness. It can help us find clarity amidst chaos. It can allow us to experience the ups and downs of business with an open heart.

Tyler Lewke business coach

Ongoing Coaching

I'm dreaming -

Choose this if you are ready to stop dreaming about starting a new business and actually launch, or you’re ready to creatively grow the one you have, or you have an insanely cool idea that humanity needs.

Every business started as an idea that turned into a dream that found a sturdy and profitable path forward— Let’s make yours a reality. We’ll move your ideas from incubation to realization. We’ll use a holistic blend of failures and successes from all industry to by-pass learning curves, avoid pit falls and navigate to success with more easy, joy and profit! I’m ready— are you?

  • Bring your dreams to life

  • ongoing

  • 3 weeks on / 1 week off

Business Triage

Tyler Lewke business coach

Choose this if you or your business is nearly f*cked, in crisis, i.e. verge of bankruptcy, employees quit, a partnership has disbanded, shit has totally hit the fan, etc.,you get the idea. You NEED business therapy now.

I’m at my very primal best when my back is against a wall and no solution is visible. Something feral in me kicks in and blows shit up. I might not solve all your problems, but I will give you far more perspectives and ideas then you can count. Plus, you won’t be going it alone— I’ll be up in the night with you, where fear, and the best ideas, live.

  • Total triage of your business and creating a path forward

  • Meeting you with the unlikely blend of deep compassion and brutal honesty 

  • Ongoing sessions until the threat is clear  

Singular Issue

Tyler Lewke business coach

Choose this if you have a singular issue plaguing you or business, i.e. unhappiness, poor client or employee retention, should I expand, is it over, lack of vision, what is a PPP loan, how do I get it all done, coronavirus what? These fucking numbers don’t add up, I WANT OUT, etc…

Bring me what you got. We’ll solve it together.

  • Solve the issue

  • 3-5 hourly, one-time sessions or whatever it takes

  • 3 weeks on / 1 week off

Upkeep Coaching

Tyler Lewke business coach

Choose this if you are looking for radical weekly coaching sessions for sturdy joy.

This is the primary way I like to work, and what the other packages often lead to. We’ll already know one another by now and find an easy full body yes to keep going into the depths of your inner and outer life.

We’ll meet weekly mostly, and however else the work teaches us. This will be ongoing until it isn’t, which is whenever our hearts tell us. We’ll be deep in relationship and utilize it for the greatest good of your life, business and the greater good. Together, we’ll figure out exactly how to create sturdy joy and sustainable profit wherever you are.

Conflict Resolution

Choose this if you’re ready to stop struggling and start solving conflicts, Whether you’re starting a new venture, seeking to creatively grow your current business, or have an insanely cool idea that humanity needs, support is here.

These situations can be complex and emotionally charged, making the intervention of an experienced mediator or conflict resolution specialist valuable in finding constructive solutions and restoring positive relationships.

In our sessions, we go beyond surface-level discussions. We listen to both sides, uncovering the true breakdowns and pushing past ego-driven barriers.

Common Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I get started?2023-01-31T17:57:06+00:00
When do I pay?2022-12-30T02:20:03+00:00

Monthly via our easy online payment system.

Are you more expensive than other coaches?2022-12-30T02:16:55+00:00

No. Hiring me to find solutions to your business problems is around the same price as most quality executive coaches in major U.S. cities.

Do I sign a contract?2022-12-30T02:12:16+00:00

No contracts. You can stop working with me at anytime.

Get the book

The essential teachings of a simple monk.

Empty, Empty. Happy, Happy.

empty empty happy happy

Released May 15th, 2017. 

People often seek happiness in one of two ways

1 | Head Dharma: Searching far and wide, bolstering  intellect, reading volumes and studying wisdom. 

2 | Heart Dharma: Practicing a few simple teachings and  using them every day to make your life and our world  happy.Are you mind-full or Mindful?” asks Venerable Bhante Sujatha 

This simple monk wants you to do, not just say. 

To feel, not just know. 

Tyler Lewke business coach

A serene Workshop and retreat haven

Do you think about your headspace before a meeting? How about the setting in which you are trying to solve a problem, i.e. office, restaurant, friend’s house, etc…? Space and setting are essential components to taking in information and assessing complex problems.

All coaching/business therapy clients are invited to Hackmatack Retreat and get first-look at all Hackmatack offerings.


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